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Telescopic handler MERLO P27.6 Plus

MERLO P27.6 Plus
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Telescopic handler MERLO P27.6 Plus

-MERLO P27.6 Plus is equipped with an engine Kubota TIER IV with 75 hp And a maximum speed of 40 km / h

-hydraulic System with a gear pump 94 l / min and 210 bar. Loader is equipped with Load sensing valve enabling multiple simultaneous machine movements.
-independent Trailed chain

Lift capacity
Lifting capacity of up to 2700 kg and up to 6 m. Lift height, which contributes to higher productivity loader

MERLO P27.6 Plus have axes planetary reducers, designed for the most demanding jobs
-Three Mode steering
-Brakes With power steering and braking forces is each individual wheel
-Differential Lock

-Internal Hydraulic and electrical components for greater reliability
A system against reverse compatible with EN 15.000
-Standard Electronic joystick control for smooth motion

Operator comfort in each work operation is guaranteed by pnevmatichno- hydraulic cab suspension, which is the exclusive patent MERLO.
-Excellent Visibility for the operator when performing work operations
-Revers Steering
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