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T-L Irrigation

T-L system
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T-L’s hydrostatic drive offers many features not available on electric pivots. Unlike the stop-and-go action of
electric models, each tower on a T-L system moves continuously. This is especially beneficial on low-pressure
systems where uniform water application is critical for irrigation-applied fertilizer, herbicides and pesticides.
Chances of a T-L tower getting stuck are reduced because of the improved traction that continuous movement
provides on wet, rough terrain. A constant, smooth rate of travel also reduces wear on all drive components, while eliminating the wasteful power surge required to get a stopped tower moving again.

There is no wasted horsepower with a T-L because the power required to run the pump varies directly with the
rotation time of the pivot. All T-L Irrigation Systems utilize environmentally friendly Hydroclear™ hydraulic fluid with an additive package specially designed to provide superior wear protection. The filtered hydraulic system assures long life.

Pivot point available with hydraulic swivel or wrap hoses. Inset photo shown with collector ring and strobe light.

T-L systems maintain alignment through the use of a simple hydraulic spool valve. The alignment system moves the spool valve, metering the required hydraulic fluid flow for each tower maintaining continuous movement and alignment with the end tower. This simple hydrostatic control is vastly superior to the start-stop microswitch design used with single-speed electric motor drives.

Maintenance free, the valve spool is made of corrosion resistant stainless steel. If a tower gets stuck or seriously misaligned, the valve will bypass hydraulic fluid through a return line to the pump, stopping the system and preventing major damage. Sensors shut down watering simultaneously with the system.

T-L System Structures are the best in the industry.

Tower Structure

T-L towers feature a heavy duty pipe base and four vertical angle iron tower supports as a welded and
dip-galvanized structure. Heavy-duty tower braces provide additional stability necessary for rugged terrain
and furrowed conditions.

T-L Flex Joints

The T-L system features an extra tough external flexjoint, designed to withstand uneven and rolling terrain.
The external flex-joint design assures a full flow of water with minimum pressure loss and turbulence.

T-L Owned Galvanizing Plant

The hot-dip galvanization protects all heavy-duty steel pipe, truss rods and tower structures. Our heavygauge mainline pipe is rolled into varying diameters for maximum water-flow, minimized friction loss and reduced pumping costs. Automatic drains at every tower empty the system after each use.

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