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Rimex Technologies

Rimex Technologies JSC

Rimex Technologies JSC is a company with a highly professional and innovative approach to all specific needs in agribusiness. Our core business is specialized and successfully combined into the following areas: 

- import, marketing and servicing of farm machinery
- trade in liquid and granular fertilizers
- financing and leasing of farm machinery, investments and daily costs in agribusiness
- insurance of farm machinery and assets in agribusiness

Farm Machinery

The team of Rimex Technologies JSC has extensive experience in the field of farm machinery and over the years we have won the trust of our customers through honesty, loyalty, accurate advice and choice of the most appropriate farming practices, depending on the needs of the particular farm.

We do not just sell equipment, but we do offer tofarmers integrated technology solutions that reduce their costs, optimize workflow farm, increase productivity and profit.

Rimex Technologies is  an official importer of the following farm machinery brands:

Самоходни и прикачни пръскачки от най-висок клас!
AGRIFAC Machinery B.V. is one of the most innovative brands in the world's plant protection industry. Agrifac is producing specialized self-propelled and trailed sprayers of the highest class, covering the needs and requirements in all farming sectors. The sprayers produced by Agrifac combine the latest technological innovations that are tailored to the different application conditions.
Почвообработваща техника и сеялки с върхово качество и производителност!
BEDNAR FMT S.r.o. is a Czech company specialized in the production of high-grade soil cultivation machines, seed-drills, fertilizer spreaders, mulchers and other top-quality farming implements. The Bednar Technique follows the principles of minimal soil cultivation and multiple operations in one pass in the field. Bednar is a premium farm machinery brand that is preferred by more and more professional farmers because of its innovative solutions.
FARMGEM Ltd is a British company founded in the 80s . For many years, british farmers have been expecting a sprayer to be strong, reliable and productive. The brand has high reputation in crop-protection farm machinery market in EU. Today the sprayers, produced by FarGem are successfully sold worldwide thanks to several key factors, one of which is the 3 year warranty on the chassis and the boom. Standard FarmGEM sprayers contain a number of high-tech options, including permanent fluid circulation, high pressure spraying, GPS precision control and many more.
ER.MO Spa is an Italian company with leadership positions not only in terms of quality but also in the quantity of plows produced on an annual basis. For more than 40 years, the company has been successfully combining Italian design and traditions using only Hardox Swedish steel to produce plows, making them extremely robust and reliable machines that can handle perfectly well in the toughest conditions.
Телескопични товарачи за нуждите на земеделието, животновъдството и строителството
Merlo S.p.A.  is a prominent, dynamic, state-of-the-art industrial company that is leader in telehandler producing. Merlo is not an "assembler" but an extremely vertical industrial company that designs, develops and produces in house most of the components. This makes it possible to always find the best solution for the requirements of the customers, achieving products designed and created entirely in Italy. Merlo is leader in innovations in telehandler producing, including new hybrid models and large produt range that covers all sectors in agriculture and construction industry.
State of the Art специализирани технологични решения в областта на лозарството!
PELLENC S.A. is a specialized company for the production of complete technological solutions for the needs of viticulture. Based in France, Pellenc has years of experience in developing and implementing the best vineyard technology solutions, including: pruning, spreading, picking up and sorting, spraying, etc. The Pellenc range is extremely rich - from hand tools and machines designed to power tractors, to self-propelled grape harvesting equipment and winemaking equipment to produce the final product.
DONALDSON Inc. is a US company with business activities on the five continents. Donaldson produces filters for John Deere, CNH, CAT and many other well-known brands in farm machinery industry. The new synthetic filter materials developed by Donaldson such as Torit, Powercore and others, take the Donaldson filters to the forefront of the world.
SPEEDWELL Schmierstoffe Bayern GmbH is a German lubricant oil brand. The company's portfolio covers the automotive sector, agro-industry, construction and industry. Typical is the presence of brand-specific technology products as well as universal products based on the highest grade base oils. Speedwell oils have proven superb exoneration properties in John Deere and CNH tractors.