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BEDNAR field demo - Bulgaria 2017

On a field presentation near Knezha, Bulgaria, at the land of the grain producer Borislav Goranov, Rimex Technologies presented a complete range of agricultural machinery with the BEDNAR brand, as well as machines from other brands, that Rimex represents - Merlo, FarmGEM, ER.MO.

The event was part of the demonstration platform "Together in Agriculture", which was held in partnership with Eurals Seeds, BASF and YARA.

Rimex presented a comprehensive technology concept for the rapeseed sowing campaign - from soil cultivation to sowing and fertilizing with innovative fertilizer technologies.

Mario Lazarov - Executive Director of Rimex Technologies and Plamen Petkov, a commercial specialist from Rimex team, explained to the guests of the event the advantages of the new and complex technologies from BEDNAR:


The grain producers were very impressed by the excellent performance of the BEDNAR Swifterdisc front-end harrow, which showed very good handling on dry soil. It is a machine which, in one pass, performs several agrotechnical operations - quality cutting, mixing and burial of the plant material, mainly thanks to profiled aggressive disks.

With a high speed and perfect soil cultivation, the new BEDNAR Fenix ​​cultivator, which raises the soil at 35 centimeters in depth and features a requirement for lower tractor power, was demonstrated. The machine allows for high-quality soil cultivation even with large plant residues.

In the Kneza area, Rimex has also shown the lightweight universal seed drill BENDAR OMEGA 6000 combined with soil disc cultivation, which allows the sowing of different crops in both conventional and minimal soil cultivation technologies. The hydraulic pressure system of sowing boots at this seed drill allows you to work even in extreme conditions.

The seed drill performs several operations: demolition of the surface of the soil profile in order to create an optimum initial seed environment, surface leveling, fertilization, moderate rolling of the soil with the rubber roller and precise sowing of the selected working depth using precision PSP sowing boots.

The BENNAR ATLAS disc harrow was also presented to the grain producers, which performs intensive processing and mixing of plant residues even in heavy soils thanks to 620 to 6 mm jagged discs.

BENDAR ATLAS ensures even distribution of plant residues, germinated seeds and weeds ... to facilitate their rot and to achieve controlled germination. The machine gives excellent results at a speed of 15 km / h.